Where to shop for food

Source: Kingsway https://sellwithjulia.ca/new-no-frills-is-open-chingoacousy-road-and-queen-street-west/

As international students we have to get familiar with local brands, cuisine, customs and of course the local supermarkets and grocery stores. The most famous one and by far the student’s favorite in my college is No Frills. It has a good quality meat, fruits and vegetables, beverages, and frozen food. It does not offer great variety but enough for the students to eat well for a good price. They carry two private labels from the mother company: No Name and President’s Choice. In general, they are okay. There are a few exceptions, like for example, toilet paper: awful, by the way!

costco-e1521136776639-696x385 (1)
Source: Victoria Buzz http://victoriabuzz.com/2018/03/email-confirm-costco-saanich-peninsula-location/

Costco is where I recommend you to go to get some good brands of frozen foods for a great value. As a student in Canada, you don’t have much free time to be cooking for hours, especially around midterms. At busy times like those, we eat many snacks at college, so we need quick and practical meals. At Costco, I usually get a package of small pot pies. There are 8 pre-cooked, individually packaged pies that you can take with you and warm up in the college microwave oven.

Another good example are cereal bars and soda package deals. If you have someone to share the family packages with the trip to Costco can be highly valuable. The disadvantages about Costco are:

  • membership-only – you can either have someone you know, take you there and you pay separately or you can share the membership fee with a family member of yours or with someone you share an apartment with.
  • difficult to take family-sized packages back home if you are not driving a car – you can get a Lyft or an Uber to help you.
  • Family-sized packages might be too much – if you get someone to share it with, it is really worth it. If not, then it can be too much for just one person.
Source:  CFCW https://www.cfcw.com/2018/01/17/loblaw-on-trial/

The third supermarket is Loblaws. It is considered a very good one in Canada. It offers a great quality and variety of meat, bakery, fruits and vegetables, organic and gourmet products. The downside to it is that it is pretty expensive. I recommend it for students to go to when they want to get out of the ordinary for a change, and want to buy some special premium products.


Supermarket/Grocery Store




Private Labels











President’s choice


Great quality and variety, but expensive. Definitely not an everyday student life option.

















Membership-only. Family-size packages of high quality products. Great deals for students on frozen foods, cereal bars and beverages for example.

No frills


President’s choice and No Name  




Definitely the students’ supermarket. Cheap, good quality of products and variety (not great though).


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4 thoughts on “Where to shop for food

  1. Thanks for such detailed experience. We are new comers here, so it will be very useful information for us!

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  2. This places… Are they supporting the local farmers? I hope so!(:


  3. I’ve been once to Costco. It is really a good deal! 😉


  4. Amy Greathouse July 16, 2018 — 1:00 am

    Costco is one of my favorites! Great tips!


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